Guest Programme

The Guest Programme of the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History enables scholars from Germany and abroad to use of the institute’s resources.

The visitors and their projects are an important part of the academic discourse at the Institute. They contribute to the Institute’s four Research Focus Areas – “Multinormativity”, “Translation”, “Legal Spaces”, “Conflict Regulation” – and ground the results of our work more solidly in international debates. The Programme offers various forms of grants and other financial support dependent on the level of qualification, the current project phase as well as the reason for and duration of the research stay.

Three funding options are available in order for PhD students to become acquainted with the Research Focus Areas and procedures of the Institute and to further develop their own research projects. For more information click [here].

Beyond the Guest Programme, Support Contracts (Fördervertrag) offer employment at the Institute for a period of three years to work on a doctoral dissertation.

Postdoctoral Fellowships enable highly qualified foreign researchers holding a doctoral degree to pursue budding research projects in a stimulating environment. [more]

Established foreign scholars whose doctorate was awarded at least ten years ago can apply for a Research Fellowship, which enables them to visit the Institute as a visiting fellow in order to pursue their own research here.[more]

The complete Guest Programme with further information on application and selection progress is available for download on the right side. 

Visits with third party funding

The MPIeR supports visiting fellows with third-party funding provided there is sufficient capacity. Applicants should contact the research coordinator well before submitting their application. well in advance of their actual application.

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