Conditions, Application and Selection Process

Further details on the application and selection process can be downloaded on this page.

All guests are expected to actively participate in the Institute’s activities. Depending on the duration of the stay, this includes

  • attending academic events at the Institute,
  • presenting the project at an internal meeting or as a public lecture,
  • writing a research paper, which then might appear in one of the MPIeR publication series.

All submitted research projects should suit the Institute’s current research programme and its topics of interest. Research related to the Institute’s Focus Areas (consult the research profile for details) will be given priority. Further extraordinary topics are regularly selected as being especially worthy of support.

The call for applications for the Postdoctoral and Research Fellowships for the subsequent year is published in February in relevant online forums and publications as well as on the Institute’s website. These fellowships run for three or six months, usually starting at the beginning of January, April, July or October.

A selection committee consisting of the two directors and the research coordinator will evaluate the applications. The committee may include further experts if an application for a Research Group Fellowship addresses a specialist core topic.

In exceptional cases applications will be accepted at any time, but the selection committee only meets quarterly to select them (January/April/July/October). Grants for such projects are pending currently available resources, and all applications must be submitted at least six months prior to the planned stay.

Doctoral students can apply for an Orientation or Dialogue Scholarship at any time at least six months prior to the planned stay. Applicants should indicate the intended duration of their visit (two to six months). 

A call for the Summer Academy for Legal History with a specific thematic research topic is usually sent out in October of the year preceding the Summer Academy.

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