Further Book Series

The Repertorium lists the palaces, royal manors and other places of residence of the kings in the medieval German empire, visited by the itinerant monarchs for the purpose of exercising their power. The aim of the project is to record all royal residences up to about 1250/1254 that now lie within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. The volumes of this series are arranged according to the historical landscapes, thus facilitating the comparison of the sites. The series has been published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht since 1983. [more]
The editions, monographs and edited volumes in this series present the results of international research on Byzantine legal history. In particular, the series serves to publish the results of the research unit »Edition und Bearbeitung byzantinischer Rechtsquellen« of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities, a research project originally started at the mpilhlt. Editions of shorter texts of Byzantine law as well as analytical essays are published in the sub-series Fontes Minores (12 volumes to date). [more]
The Handbuch was edited from 1973 onwards by Helmut Coing (the MPIeR’s founding director) as an Institute publication and appeared until 1988 in three parts: Part I covers the Middle Ages (1100-1500), Part II (in three volumes) with the early modern era (1500-1800) and Part III (in five volumes) with the 19th century. [more]
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