Book Series

The book series Global Perspectives on Legal History, edited by Thomas Duve and Stefan Vogenauer, opens up the legal history of Europe to the history of its global connections. It publishes monographs as well as edited volumes which transcend the established boundaries of national legal scholarship and focus on different modes of normativity and law as well as on their historical development. [more]
The volumes of this publication series, which started in 1971, were initially published under the title Ius Commune Sonderhefte, as additional volumes to the former Institute journal Ius Commune. In 2002 (from volume 151 onwards), the former subtitle became the series’ new name: Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte. It now contains over 300 volumes. Monographs and edited volumes are published individually or within the current sub-series: Savignyana, Rechtsräume, Moderne Regulierungsregime, Lebensalter und Recht, Recht im ersten Jahrtausend, Recht in der Industriellen Revolution, Rechtskulturen des modernen Osteuropa, Repertorium der Policeyordnungen der Frühen Neuzeit, Juristische Briefwechsel des 19. Jahrhunderts, Das Europa der Diktatur, Bibliographica Juridica. [more]
The series, founded by Michael Stolleis in 1999 as Studien zu Policey und Policeywissenschaft, was renamed Studien zu Policey, Kriminalitätsgeschichte und Konfliktregulierung in 2012 and since then edited jointly by Michael Stolleis and Karl Härter under the title Studien zu Policey, Kriminalitätsgeschichte und Konfliktregulierung. The series includes selected case studies and works dealing with the investigation of early modern police ordinances of the German empire’s territories and imperial cities, as well as studies on historical crime or conflict regulation. [more]
The volumes published in this book series deal with legal-historical research on areas that interacted with the Iberian empires during the early modern and modern periods in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. The focus of this series is global in the sense that it does not just limit itself to imperial spaces as such, but also looks at the globalisation of norms within the spaces that were in contact with these imperial formations. The global dimension is, moreover, underscored by the attention paid to the coexistence of a variety of normativities and their cultural translations at different times and in different places. The volumes thus decentre traditional research perspectives and are open to exploring various modes of normativity. [more]
The series methodica – Einführungen in die rechtshistorische Forschung offers introductions to research in legal history focusing on sources and methods. The volumes provide basic information in a standard format without claiming the completeness of a handbook and cover topics from the history of research and sources to methods, the craft of legal history and basic literature on the respective topic. [more]
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