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Administory. Journal for the History of Public Administration

Normative Cultures of Administration

The history of public administration is an integral part of legal, social and economic history, but has not yet been able to establish itself as an independent discipline. The journal "Administory" provides a journalistic forum for administrative history. Spanning multiple eras and with an international orientation that extends beyond Europe, it raises awareness of continuities and fractures, and enables exchange between national knowledge cultures and epistemic communities. In order to retain the focus on administrative history while encouraging diversity, each individual volume of the journal is devoted to a specific topic.

Administrative history is in many respects normatively shaped. This concerns not only the fact that administrative organizations are regulated by laws and public officials enforce laws. Rather, administrative culture as a whole is normatively underpinned. The sources of normativity are not only state laws, but also internal administrative regulations, administrative ethics, routines, work techniques, codes of honor, etc. Making these normativities visible as an integral element of administrative history is also a concern of the journal "Administory".

The editors of the journal "Administory" are the Institute for Austrian Historical Research and the Swiss Federal Archives in cooperation with the MPI for Legal History and Legal Theory. The individual volumes of the journal are edited by a changing editorial board.
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