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Published at the beginning of each month, the Institute's newsletter keeps you abreast of upcoming events, new publications, open calls for applications and other matters related to the mpilhlt. The newsletter is for those with a keen interest in legal history both in- and outside Europe, not to mention those interested in foundational questions concerning the normative and legal scholarship.

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Max Planck Newsletter: Iberian Worlds

The research field Iberian Worlds of the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory consists of researchers from diverse disciplines investigating various aspects of the legal history on the Iberian worlds from the early modern age to the present from a global historical perspective. The aim of the Max Planck Newsletter: Iberian Worlds is to regularly report on the activities of the research field to reach a broader community. Once a month, the Spanish-speaking scientific community will receive information about our conferences, seminars, calls for papers, announcements of research scholarships, publications of articles, books, working papers, digital tools and videos, as well as a list of recent books acquired by our library, among other activities related to this research field.

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