Cover Rechtsgeschichte – Legal History 30 (2022)
Rechtsgeschichte – Legal History is the journal of the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory. It is edited by the Institute’s directors, Marietta Auer, Thomas Duve and Stefan Vogenauer. The journal aims to be a forum for high-level scholarship in all branches of legal history. Its scope therefore reflects the full breadth of the discipline and is not restricted to particular periods of time or specific areas of law. Its particular profile derives from the research conducted at the Institute on the legal history of Europe, the common law world and the Iberian empires.
The journal has an international orientation and adopts a multilingual approach in order to reflect the diversity of global legal and research cultures. A peer review procedure ensures the high quality of the contributions. The journal’s »Research« section presents selected outstanding articles of general interest. The »Focus« section brings together contributions on a common theme, and the short pieces in the »Debate« or »Forum« section discuss a given topic in legal history. The »Critique« section contains reviews of recent publications in the field.
Rg has been published by Klostermann Verlag since 2002. Since 2012, the annual journal is also published online in Open Access simultaneously with the printed edition.

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