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Digital resources are important tools for research in the Humanities, nowadays. Starting with bibliographical reference systems and digital reviews they go all the way to databases with searchable text and image bases.

The Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory recognised this development already at an early stage and became an active player by offering sources relevant for legal history, which resulted from a series of digitisation projects. Printed material is converted into digital form and enriched with extensive metadata to improve its accessibility. The goal of these efforts is to provide researchers – both, within the institute and outside of it – with stable long term access to these materials, which can be examined at any time and any place of the globe on the internet.

The digital library of the institute connects the results of several digitisation projects. It is conceived as an offering closely oriented on the needs of the research community and strictly following Open Access principles. The digital facsimiles are offered together with the associated metadata on the Digital Libraries Connected (DLC) platform. in addition, links in the webOPAC lead to the electronic editions of the digitized books.

Something special is the Karl Frölich picture collection with several thousand photos and accompanying documents on topics of legal iconography and legal archaeology.

Current Available Digital Collections:

Legal iconography and legal archaeology : The Karl Frölich image collection

De Indiarum Iure
Project Description

Dissertations on Jurisprudence = Tesis Doctorales en Derecho - Buenos Aires (1866-1903) – INHIDE
Project Description

Legal Dissertations of the 16th - 18th Centuries from the Universities of the Holy Roman Empire
(74,010 records / 72,690 titles, more than 92,000 images).
Project Description

Legal journals 1703-1830
(213 journals, 1,615 volumes, 563,714 pages).
Project Description

Legal journals of the 19th century
(75 journals, 1,320 volumes, 635,752 pages).
Project Description

Civil law: Literary sources on German, Austrian and Swiss Civil and Procedural Law of the 19th century
(4,316 volumes, 1,350,000 pages).
Project Description

Real Academia de Ciencias Morales y Políticas (Madrid): Discursos de recepción y de contestación
(159 treatises, 15.893 pages)
Project Description

The "Virtual Reading Room" Reichsrecht (Imperial Law)
(42 volumes, app. 28,000 pages).
Project Description

Manuscripta Juridica

For the work of G. R. Dolezalek please follow this link to Manuscripta Juridica

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