Dissertations on Jurisprudence = Tesis Doctorales en Derecho - Buenos Aires (1866-1903) – INHIDE

The Collection of Dissertations on Law of the 19th century of the Institute for Research on Legal History of Buenos Aires (INHIDE) is composed by 55 volumes containing 284 doctoral dissertations on Law / Jurisprudence defended at the University of Buenos Aires from 1866 to 1903. The range of extension of the theses runs from 16 pages (the shortest) to 370 pages (the longest). The whole collection has 20520 pages. Concerning the legal subject-matters, the Civil Law prevails (51%), followed by Commercial Law (18%), Constitutional Law (10%), Procedures (7%), and Criminal Law (5%). This collection offers a sample universe to grasp the legal thinking cultivated in the University of Buenos Aires, in a context of great dynamism due to the codification process produced in those years.

The digitalization of this collection is a result of the research project PICT 2014/3408 funded by the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion (Argentina).

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