Studien, Policey, Kriminalitätsgeschichte und Konfliktregulierung
(bis einschl. 2012: Studien zu Policey und Policeywissenschaft)

The series, founded by Michael Stolleis in 1999 as Studien zu Policey und Policeywissenschaft, was renamed Studien zu Policey, Kriminalitätsgeschichte und Konfliktregulierung in 2012 and since then edited jointly by Michael Stolleis and Karl Härter under the title Studien zu Policey, Kriminalitätsgeschichte und Konfliktregulierung. The series includes selected case studies and works dealing with the investigation of early modern police ordinances of the German empire’s territories and imperial cities, as well as studies on historical crime or conflict regulation.

The series is published in print by Klostermann Verlag. All manuscripts undergo a peer review process. We intend to make newly published volumes available online in Open Access after a period of three years. Older volumes will successively also be digitised.

ISSN 2364-6314 (since 2012)
ISSN 1612-7730 (1999-2012)

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