Postdoc and Research Scholarships
Research Group Scholarship

Postdoc scholarships

To enable international scholars to continue their research at the Institute for an extended period after completing their dissertation, the Institute awards several Postdoctoral Fellowships each year for a period of three or six months. All proposed research projects must be readily compatible with existing Research Fields at the Institute. Above all, the goal is to foster connections and networking at the international level, with the eventual aim of contributing to the emergence of a transnational legal scholarship. These fellowships are intended exclusively for foreign researchers.

Research Scholarships

The Research Fellowships are designed to enrich the research projects and Research Focus Areas at the Institute with diverse perspectives by facilitating close cooperation with established foreign scholars. The goal is foremost to expand ongoing cooperative projects with foreign research institutes by developing new joint research projects. These fellowships run for three or six months. These research fellowships may not be used to extend an MPIeR postdoc fellowship. 

Project-Oriented Research Fellowships are intended to let the Research Fields at the Institute profit from the expertise of foreign researchers. The fellowships can be awarded once a year for a topic chosen by the project group leaders and run for up to two years.

Research Group Scholarship

Groups of international researchers with doctoral degrees who wish to pursue a joint research project can collectively apply for a fellowship at the MPIeR. Such groups can consist of two to four researchers, ideally from different countries. The applicants for Research Group Fellowships may not be affiliated with the same institution nor have been affiliated with the same institution within the last two years. These fellowships run for three to six months.

Guest residences and Use-of-Facilites-Agreements

Fellows holding doctoral degrees who are employed elsewhere can receive compensation for their expenses at a fixed rate for the period of their stay instead of a remunerated fellowship. For further details, please contact the Research Coordinator.

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