Requirements, applications and admission criteria

The graduate student scholarships are designed to integrate highly qualified scholars into an international research environment early in their careers.

Orientation Scholarships are open to all PhD students at the beginning of the dissertation process, affording them the opportunity to plan and conceptualise a dissertation project at the Institute within the context of the existing Research Fields and over a period of two to six months.

Dialogue Scholarships run for one to three months and are intended for all advanced PhD students seeking a close working contact with a researcher from the Institute in order to profit from his/her expertise with respect to sources, debates, methodology and theoretical approaches. Dialogue Scholarships require a favourable evaluation by an MPIeR scholar who agrees to mentor the applicant over the course of his or her stay at the Institute.

The Max Planck Summer Academy for Legal History welcomes all PhD candidates and other junior scholars for an annual two-week course. The Academy exposes participants to new and potentially unfamiliar methodological and theoretical approaches. They gain familiarity with legal terms and theories as well as the ability to transfer them to other linguistic and cultural contexts, which helps them to grow and strengthen their own professional networks. The theme of the Summer Academy rotates annually among the core topics of the four Research Focus Areas. Both members of the Institute and scholars from associated institutions will provide introductions to sources, methods and theoretical foundations of legal history.

Please click here for more information on the Max Planck Summer Academy for Legal History 2020.

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