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The Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory, together with the Max Weber Foundation and the Werner Reimers Foundation, has initiated the programme China – Norms, Ideas, Practices. The aim of this cooperation is the translation of important monographs by contemporary Chinese scholars into German. The project is supported by the Stiftung Mercator and C.H. Beck Stiftung, and the initial funding is ca 80.000 EUR.

The programme seeks to attract professional translators with a high level of academic training and aims to go far beyond mere language skills and basic knowledge to get a better insight into China's heterogeneous self-conception and its diverse self-interpretation traditions. A jury of experts, including Thomas Duve, decides on the selection of Chinese publications and the translators. In addition to the work stipend, the programme also offers the translators selected the opportunity of a colloquium for professional exchange with other specialist translators and an academic stay in China to exchange ideas with the respective authors.


For the first three translation projects the monographs below have been chosen. At present, we are in the process of selecting suitable translators.

Ge Zhaoguang (葛兆光)
The Inside and Outside of Historical China: A Reclarification of the Concept of ‚China‘ and Its ‚Borders‘
Wang Hui (汪晖)
The Tibet Issue between East and West
Liang Zhiping (梁治平)
On the Rule of Law and the Rule of Virtue: An Inner Observation of China’s Legal Modernization Movement
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