Legal history and archaeology


The cooperation between the research centre Forschungsstelle Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim and the mpilhlt’s Research Field Religious and Secular Legal Cultures in the European Middle Ages has a long tradition. The fruitful potential of historical-archaeological collaboration is obvious and has already produced results, most recently in the form of two edited volumes and an exhibition. The geographical proximity of the two institutions is an additional advantage. Both host researchers exploring the key developments of the first millennium, from the end of the Roman period, the beginning of Christianisation and Frankish expansion to the rise of the Rhine-Main region to central importance under both the Carolingian and Ottonian rulers. The cooperation is thus particularly relevant to the research project Law and Mission.

A special focus of the cooperation will be the multimedia presentation of selected findings and their interpretation in the context of legal history and beyond.



Ehlers, C.; Grewe, H. (Eds.): "Rechtsräume": Historische und archäologische Annäherungen. Vittorio Klostermann, Frankfurt a.M. (2020), X, 336 pp.
Ehlers, C.; Grewe, H. (Eds.): Mittelalterliche Paläste und die Reisewege der Kaiser: Neue Entdeckungen in den Orten der Macht an Rhein und Main. Nünnerich-Asmus, Oppenheim (2020), 184 pp.

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