Academy Project Mainz

Academy Project Mainz


Legal History of the School of Salamanca

The long-term project 'The School of Salamanca. A Digital Collection of Sources and a Dictionary of its Legal-Political Language' took up its work in 2013 and is scheduled to run for a total of 18 years. It is a cooperation between the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz, the mpilhlt and the Institute for Philosophy at the Goethe University Frankfurt.

The digital source collection is steadily growing over time and will eventually comprise 116 works available to the research community in full text and digital form via open access. It includes central works by authors of the School of Salamanca (e.g. Francisco de Vitoria's Relectiones or Domingo de Soto's De Iustitia et Iure), works created in the American context (e.g. Juan Solórzano Pereira's Política Indiana or Diego de Avendaño's Thesaurus Indicus) as well as basic reference works, that the authors of the School of Salamanca used to write their texts (e.g. the Summa Silvestrina or the Glossa of the Siete Partidas by Gregorio López). The global dimension of the School of Salamanca is a prominent feature of the project.

Taking these texts as a basis, the second part of the project is devoted to the development of a dictionary of the legal-political language both created and shaped by the School of Salamanca. The dictionary will treat ca. 250 central terms taken from the sources and link them to the corresponding source texts. For the first time ever, researchers working on the School of Salamanca from around the globe will have a common corpus of texts and a shared intellectual framework at their disposal. Research examining the significance of the School of Salamanca for political theory and law in modernity will thereby be working with an entirely new foundation.

The Joint Project

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