Main Focus

  • History and normative foundations of the modern law of the sea (UNCLOS)
  • Processes of norm-genesis in international law
  • Comparative international law
  • Historical International Relations


Curriculum Vitae

Christian Pogies is a Researcher in the research project Methods of Global Legal History, member the working group Regime Theory, and situated within the Cross-Cutting Theme Using Normative Knowledge from the Past. His research focuses on the intersection of the law of the sea (UNCLOS), methods of global legal history, Historical International Relations and comparative international law. He is a member of the editorial team of Völkerrechtsblog.

He is a graduate of the MA programme 'International Studies / Peace and Conflict Research' (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and the Technical University Darmstadt), with a specialisation in 'Globalization and Law'. Drawing on contestation theory, his MA thesis examined the norm-generating process between the early modern concepts of mare clausum and mare liberum in the so-called ‘battle of the books’. He holds a BA in political science, with an emphasis in sociology of law from the Philipps University of Marburg, and he studied history at the Kiel University.

Selected Publications

Pogies, C.: Oceans of Cynicism? Norm-Genesis, Lawfare and the South China Sea Arbitration Case. In: Cynical International Law? Abuse and Circumvention in Public International and European Law, pp. 143 - 162 (Eds. Baade, B.; Burchardt , D.; Feihle, P.; Köppen, A.; Mührel, L. et al.). Springer, Berlin (2021)

Recent Presentations

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Rule of Law in Troubled Waters, lecture given at the 'Indian Navy's Long Duration Course on Law of the Sea and Maritime Law', organized by the Gujarat National Law University.

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