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Transmedia HistoryTelling is live now too! Each month we have a special guest to talk about methods, media, and different ways of making history. These interviews are live on Facebook and YouTube. You can check all the recorded interviews on the Transmedia HistoryTelling social networks.

De la investigación a la comunicación: un café con Jimena Perry sobre Historia Pública

In this version of Transmedia HistoryTelling Live, we have coffee with the anthropologist and doctor in History, Jimena Perry, to talk about Public History nowadays. Jimena is currently a professor at Iona University in New York and is the coordinator of the Explorers project of the International Federation of Public History. We chatted with her about the state of Public History today and its role in building networks and bridges between communication and research. Join us to discuss museums, memories, pluralism, and social justice through historical reflection.

Polyphonic Museums, Virtuality, and Divergent Memories. A coffee with Vladimir Montaña to talk about creative research

In this episode of Transmedia HistoryTelling Live, we have a coffee with anthropologist and multimedia historian Vladimir Montaña. Vladimir has taught at different universities in Bogota (Colombia). He has focused on creating interactive digital content from research on various topics, including the global and Latin American economy, economic history, the problem of cultural appropriation, new technologies in creative research, heritage, museology, and visual anthropology. In this case, we discuss creative research from a methodological perspective, and about historical and mnemic polyphonies in visual contexts.

History and Cinema

In our last coffee talk, we chatted with three amazing people. The Cuban filmmaker Fernando Pérez and the Argentinian historians Jorge Núñez and Martín Ribadero. In this talk, we had the opportunity to chat about history and cinema and the experiences of our guests in the industry. Check it out!

Cartography, visuality and pedagogy: a coffee with Santiago Muñoz about the project "Colonial Landscapes". 

Solidarity and "talking maps": a chat with María Teresa Findji

How to investigate the PAI - Participatory Action Research? A chat with Joanne Rappaport about her new book "Cowards don't make history: Orlando Fals Borda and the Origins of Participatory Action Research"

Colonial Visual Culture/ Digital Culture: a coffee with Jaime Borja about his e-book "The Ingenuity of the Brush: Geography of Painting and Visual Culture in Colonial America"

Local histories and collaborative research: a coffee with Cecilia Méndez about the project "Narra la Independencia desde tu pueblo"

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