Konfession im Recht

Auf der Suche nach konfessionell geprägten Denkmustern und Argumentationsstrategien in Recht und Rechtswissenschaft des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts

[Denomination in Law
Searching for Denominational Thought Patterns and Strategies of Argument in the Law and Jurisprudence of the 19th and 20th Centuries]

Edited by Pascale Cancik, Thomas Henne, Thomas Simon, Stefan Ruppert and Miloš Vec

Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte 247
Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann 2009. XIII, 190 p.

ISSN 1610-6040
ISBN 978-3-465-04081-1

Do denominations make a difference – in law? This question drives the contributions from several disciplines. The investigate whether denominational thought patterns were present in modern law, or, more precisely, whether there is evidence of them in the law and jurisprudence in the 19th and 20th centuries. Did Protestants propose different public laws than Catholics (and vice versa)? Did they approach questions of family law, of general jurisprudence and international law in noticeably different ways? And how does one trace such denominational influences methodically, given that mere adherence to a particular denomination is clearly insufficient to demonstrate a denominational ‘slant’? Who were the protagonists and pioneers of such proposals, and how did the law react to the general trend toward (re)denominationalisation in this period? The contributions to this volume are devoted to the more obscure aspects of the history of modern law, which are nonetheless gaining relevance in the current period of multireligiosity. The chapters were presented at a conference to celebrate Michael Stolleis’s 65th birthday.


  • Olaf Blaschke, Jurists in the Second Denominational Age
  • Volkhard Krech, Denominational Influences in Religious Studies: Observations of the History of Ideas and Science in Light of Current Religious Law
  • Joachim Rückert, The Religious and Irreligious in Savigny
  • Hans-Peter Haferkamp, The Influence of the Revivalist Movement on the ‘Historical-Christian’ School of Jurisprudence, 1815-1848
  • Merio Scattola, The Birth of Catholic Natural and International Law from the Spirit of Protestantism in the 19th Century
  • Stefan Korioth, Protestant-Theological Political Ethics and Legal Statecraft in the Weimar Republic and the Early Federal Republic
  • Peter Derleder, Denominational Influences on 20th Century Family Law
  • Dieter Schwab, Denominational Thought Patterns and Strategies of Argument in Family Law
  • Dieter Grimm, Summary; Michael Stolleis, Conclusion.
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