Projects of Department Thomas Duve

Joint Projects

Glocalising Normativities. A Global Legal History (15th- 21st century)

Thomas Duve, Luisa Stella Coutinho, Rômulo da Silva Ehalt, Mariana Dias Paes, Luisa Stella Coutinho, Fupeng Li, Raquel R. Sirotti more

The School of Salamanca

Thomas Duve, Matthias Lutz-Bachmann, Christiane U. Birr, José Luis Egío García, Andreas Wagner more

Research Projects

PhD Projects

Cross-cutting themes

Using Normative Knowledge from the Past

Thomas Duve, Fupeng Li, Alexandra Woods more

Law and Textuality

Manuela Bragagnolo, Caspar Ehlers, Christoph H.F. Meyer more

Recht und Diversität – rechtshistorische Perspektiven

Peter Collin, Agustín Casagrande, Manuel Bastias Saavedra more

Completed Projects

Projects of former MPI researcher

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