Zisterziensische Rechtslandschaften

Die Klöster Dobrilugk und Haina in Raum und Zeit

Dennis Majewski

Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte 308
Rechtsräume 2
Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann 2019. X, 798 p.

ISSN 1610-6040
ISBN 978-3-465-04330-0

Using the example of possessions and rights of the Cistercian monasteries Dobrilugk (today Doberlug-Kirchhain) and Haina, this volume develops the concept of 'legal landscape'. While Haina lies in the Franconian Altsiedelland ('old settlement land'), Dobrilugk was founded in Lower Lusatia in an area that was little by little opened up to and developed by the order patterns of the Roman-German Empire starting in the 11th century. By means of an intensive, systematic and map-based comparison, the perspectives of 'space', 'time' and 'actors' were used to determine how the two monasteries, using similar instruments, reacted to different conditions in order to expand their sphere of influence, in which terms like territory or dominion are not suitable representations.


Danksagung | IX

I. Einleitung | 1

II. Herrschaftsräume und Rechtslandschaften | 55

III. Kategorien der Rechte | 7

IV. Dobrilugk im Raum | 107

V. Exkurs: mellifices, qui vulgariter didiczen nuncupantur | 179

VI. Haina im Raum | 187

VII. Exkurs: cum iure suo quod waltrecht solet vulgaliter appellari | 419

VIII. Akteure in Raum und Zeit | 427

IX. Dobrilugk und Haina in der Zeit | 577

X. Ergebnisse und Perspektiven | 645

XI. Quellen- und Literaturverzeichnis | 671

XII. Anhang | 731

XIII. Orts- und Personenregister | 747

Übersicht Tafeln | 464

Übersicht Karten | 634

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