Reichsstädte 4: Speyer, Wetzlar, Worms

[Free Imperial Cities 4: Speyer, Wetzlar, Worms]

Edited by Gunter Mahlerwein, Thomas Rölle and Sigrid Schieber

Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte 251
Repertorium der Policeyordnungen der Frühen Neuzeit 10
Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann 2010. VIII, 755 p.

ISSN 1610-6040
ISBN 978-3-465-04103-0

The repertory of laws of good order continues to probe the legislation of free imperial cities with a volume that contains the public order legislation of Speyer, Worms and Wetzlar. It includes 5200 laws of good order of three medium-sized cities of the Upper Rhenish Circle that are especially interesting from the perspectives of constitutional and social history. Speyer and Worms are two typical Rhenish cities that stand out because of their proximity to France, their trade relations, and because the local bishops both lost control over the cities while maintaining territorial lordship over their environs. Wetzlar was latterly characterized primarily by the presence of the Reichskammergericht and the problems associated with hosting the ‘chamber society’. Beyond yielding rich normative material for general legal and social history, this volume provides insight into the typical conflicts in the constitutional law of the Holy Roman Empire.

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