Philipp Lotmar: letzter Pandektist oder erster Arbeitsrechtler?

[Philipp Lotmar: The Last Pandectist or the First Labour Lawyer?]

Edited by Iole Fargnoli

Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte 289
Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann 2014. XXII, 161 p.

ISSN 1610-6040
ISBN 978-3-465-04222-8

As a professor for Roman law at the University of Bern, Philipp Lottmar also applied himself to another branch of law, securing his renown as a founding father of labour law. This interdisciplinary volume collects papers delivered at the conference to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Lotmar assuming the Chair of Roman Law. The title, which asks whether Lotmar was ‘The Last Pandectist or the First Labour Lawyer’ does not seek to foreclose either possibility, but to foster discussion about these two aspects of his scholarship: Roman law and labour law. The contributions from internationally renowned scholars of Roman and labour law principally seek to answer the following questions: what method did Philipp Lotmar apply in his research on Roman law, and what is its relation to pandectism? What is the role of Roman law in his works on labour law? What does current scholarship on labour law owe him in particular, and to what extent do these research traditions rely on his scholarly legacy even today?


  • Iole Fargnoli, Einleitung
  • Thomas Finkenauer, Philipp Lotmar (1855–1920) – zur Modernität eines Pandektisten
  • Mario Varvaro, Riflessioni sui rapporti fra dogmatica giuridica e storia del diritto nel pensiero di Philipp Lotmar
  • Iole Fargnoli, Lotmars unpubliziertes Werk. Anhang: Alexander Beck, Bemerkungen zum Manuskript von Philipp Lotmar über den Irrtum im Römischen Recht
  • Martin Pennitz, »Dass das Recht veraltet, kommt nur daher, dass das Leben fortschreitet ...« Zu Einfluss und Funktion des römischen Rechts bei Philipp Lotmars Konzeption vom »Arbeitsvertrag«
  • Luca Nogler, Lotmars Aufklärung der Arbeitsverträge: »manches Unrecht kann den Verlust seines Inkognitos nicht überleben«
  • Thomas Geiser, Philipp Lotmar und seine Bedeutung für das schweizerische Arbeitsrecht
  • Felix Hartmann, Der Einfluss Philipp Lotmars auf die Entwicklung des deutschen Arbeitsrechts
  • Marcello Pedrazzoli, Philipp Lotmar e il diritto del lavoro italiano.
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