In memoriam Aldo Mazzacane

March 07, 2016

It is with great sadness that we record the passing of one of the most eminent of contemporary legal historians, Aldo Mazzacane.  For several decades the Institute enjoyed a close relationship with Professor Mazzacane, who served on the Beirat for a number of years.  His quiet, unassuming presence masked an acute mind and extraordinary learning and erudition.  To younger scholars his generosity was legendary, reflecting the character of the man, and will be indelibly remembered by anyone fortunate enough to visit him in his native city of Naples.  A wide range of European legal history was the object of his scholarship, from the legal humanism of the 16th century to the Pandectism of nineteenth century Germany.  His expertise on Savigny and the Historical School was renowned and won him the respect of all his German contemporaries.  The Institute has lost a trusted friend, and legal history a great scholar, a man of immense culture, and a noble spirit.

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