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Researchers from Germany and abroad, who would like to work at the institute for some time, are welcome. Due to the great demand of guest rooms and workplaces, long stays have to ready to offer an accommodation and a workplace. Due to the great demand of guest rooms and workplaces, long stays have to be planned a long time in advance.


There is a great demand for apartments in Frankfurt. Therefore scholarship holders and guests should start early to look for an apartment.

The institute offers eight apartments with bathrooms (shower + WC) on the premises and three apartments in an external guest house (distance between the guest house and the institute: about 6 km).

The rent is € 630.00 per month and includes bed linen, towels, two cleanings a week and all additional costs (heating, electricity, water). In principle, apartments are suited for one person only. A second bed can be provided only in exceptional cases and for a limited period.


On-premise apartments provide computer-equipped workspaces. Scholarship holders and guests with external accommodation may apply for a workspace in the institute's reading room.


Please ask Mrs. Heym to provide you with the documents required for the application for a German visa in your home country.


Guests or scholarship holders from abroad, who are staying more than three month, are obligated to register at the municipality of Frankfurt. If you are already registered in another German municipality, please take your form of registration to the local citizen center and ask whether a new registration is necessary.

Health Insurance

Scholarship holders have to be covered by health insurance. We ask you to please take care of finding a sufficient insurance yourself. Please make sure that your health insurance is equivalent to the scope of services of the statutory health insurance in the Federal Republic of Germany. A confirmation (according to § 257, para. 2a, section 2a, of the SGB) has to be produced at the latest at the beginning of the scholarship.

Travel expenses

Scholarship holders have to cover all of their travel expenses themselves.

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