Multidisciplinary Theory of Law and Private Law Theory

Research Field

The goal of this research field is the development of a multidisciplinary-informed legal theory, with a particular emphasis on private law theory. The department’s interdisciplinary research approach draws upon the methods and expertise developed in the fields of philosophy, cultural studies, visual studies, linguistics as well as political science, information technology studies, sociology, history, economics and cross-disciplinary endeavours. Emphasis is placed on the critical, empirical and realist jurisprudential theories of legal scholarship. Relevant research questions include theory formation as well as potential applications in the areas of contemporary and historical law, for instance, within the legal framework of media and consumer societies, the institutions of capitalism (law and political economy), digitalisation as well as the multidisciplinary structural changes in the Anthropocene. The field offers numerous connections to research on private law as well as to the research field ‘Theory of Legal Science’.

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