“Ruling with Manual and Woodblock Prints“

February 15, 2017
Interview on the role book production and circulation played in the consolidation of the Spanish Empire in Middle and South America

The most recent issue of the Max Planck Society’s science magazine, Research, features a report on the work being conducted on the “Knowledge of the pragmatici“ at the MPIeR. Manuela Bragagnolo, Otto Danwerth, Thomas Duve and David Rex Galindo discuss their current research project, which is part of the Frankfurter Collaborative Research Centre 1095. In the interview they explain their particular interest on manuals, comments and summaries as well as their significance for the establishment of a new normative order: “As legal historians we want to understand how a relatively small group of occupiers were able to govern over vast areas of the country with a highly developed civilization – regardless how we would assess this process from our current perspective.” [more]

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