Resurveying the Legal World

January 10, 2018

To what extent has the state become decoupled from law? What kinds of legal rule have emerged from this process, and what do they mean for the category of state law? Gunnar Folke Schuppert is resurveying our legal world. While constantly bearing in mind how his subject matter pertains to the concept of law and what categories of law can be usefully distinguished, he casts a penetrating gaze on the vast universe of rule sets that influence human and institutional behaviour. The diversity of normative orders, especially non-state varieties like standards and codes of conduct, as well as the plurality of norm producers and implementation regimes form the core of Schuppert’s interest.

“The World of Rules. A Somewhat Different Measurement of the World” has just appeared as the tenth volume of Global Perspectives on Legal History, an open-access book series. A German-language version is available in the open-access SSRN research paper series under the title: The World of Rules. Eine etwas andere Vermessung der Welt.

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