A Bibliography on Scholarship in Legal History in the Berlin Republic – A New Paper on SSRN

July 17, 2017

The latest article in our SSRN paper series is a bibliography by Thomas Duve treating research on legal history in the Berlin Republic. The bibliography is detailed, without claiming to be exhaustive, and supplements Thomas Duve's chapter entitled »Ein fruchtbarer Gärungsprozess? – Rechtsgeschichtswissenschaft in der Berliner Republik« (»Well Aged? Legal History in the Berlin Republic«), which will appear in the edited volume »Rechtswissenschaft in der Berliner Republik« (»Legal History in the Berlin Republic«) edited by Thomas Duve and Stefan Ruppert and to be published by Suhrkamp in January 2018. At the same time, the bibliography inaugurates the new subsidiaryia et instrumenta rubic of our SSRN paper series, which will be used to publish research materials.

Additionally, there will be an article on corporate law in the Berlin Republic in the next issue of our Institute’s journal »Rechtsgeschichte – Legal History« 25 (2017), which will appear this September. The journal will also contain an abridged version of the Duve / Ruppert article.

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