New Publication: GPLH 9 Außergerichtliche Konfliktlösung in der Antike
(»Extrajudicial Conflict Resolution in Antiquity«)

July 14, 2017

The latest volume of our series Global Perspectives on Legal History has just been released: Guido Pfeifer, Nadine Grotkamp, Außergerichtliche Konfliktlösung in der Antike. Beispiele aus drei Jahrtausenden (»Extrajudicial Conflict Resolution in Antiquity: Examples from Three Millennia«).

Where did the boundaries between judicial and extrajudicial mechanisms of dispute resolution lie in various ancient societies? When is a conflict extrajudicial, and to which courts are the observed procedures an alternative? Are there any indications as to why judicial decisions were taken outside (or not strictly within) the courts? These questions inspire the contributions to this edited volume on extrajudicial conflict resolution from prehistory to classical Roman law. They elucidate topics ranging from Mesopotamia at the turn of the 2nd millennium C.E. to Syria during the late Bronze Age and Ptolemaic Egypt.

The volume, which contains one English-language and seven German contributions, is edited by Guido Pfeifer and Nadine Grotkamp.

For further information about the volume, which is available online on an open-access and print-on-demand basis, please follow the link to the GPLH website or download the epaper in the right column.

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