New at the institute: Emily Whewell

At the institute since January 1st, 2016

January 11, 2016

Emily Whewell works on aspects of the socio-legal history of the British Empire, especially criminal jurisdiction, within a comparative global perspective, and within East Asia. Her current research explores extradition practices in the British Empire, c.1800-1950: Hong Kong, Trinidad/Guiana and Gibraltar. She is particularly interested in borderland jurisdiction, and the interplay between the ideas of citizenship, race, class and gender in legal discourses and court cases.

Emily studied for an undergraduate degree in History and Politics at the University of Newcastle (2008) focusing on global and East Asian history. She completed a Master’s degree in Chinese Studies at the University of Oxford (2010), developing Chinese language skills and specializing in nineteenth century Sino-foreign legal encounters.  She obtained a language scholarship from the Minister of Education in Taiwan enhancing her Chinese language studies in Taipei (2010-2011). She completed her PhD in History at the University of Leicester (2015), where she specialized in British extraterritoriality in China and East Asia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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