Legal Science in the Berlin Republic

September 18, 2015

The German Democratic Republic’s entrance into the Federal Republic of Germany on 3 October 1990 clearly represents the most significant constitutional legal caesura in recent German history. At the same time, this event was part of a historical process, which shifted the world political landscape and the Federal Republic became part of an unclear, pluralized, expanded and globalized Europe (Andreas Wirsching). To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the reunification, we are publishing a contribution by Julian Krüpers entitled Verfassung der Berliner Republik: Verfassungsrecht und Verfassungsrechtswissenschaft in zeitgeschichtlicher Perspektive. This article will appear in the journal Rechtsgeschichte – Legal History 23 (2015) and is already available as a pre-print in our open access research paper series SSRN. Krüper’s reflections are developed in connection with the institute’s project Constitution of the Berlin Republic within the framework of which various scientists and researchers from juridical sub-fields analyze the development of their discipline over the course of the last quarter century ( A shorter version of Krüper’s article will appear next year, together with other contributions, in an essay volume entitled Legal Science in the Berlin Republic and edited by Thomas Duve and Stefan Ruppert.

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