Workshop: Publikationsprojekt "Geschichte der Konfliktlösung in Europa" Teilbereich 19./20. Jahrhundert - Länderforschungsberichte


  • Start: Dec 12, 2013
  • End: Dec 13, 2013
  • Location: Max Planck Institute for European Legal History
  • Room: Lecture hall of the MPI

The publication project with the working title "Handbuch zur Geschichte der Konfliktlösung / Handbook on the History of Conflict Resolution" is part of our effort to contribute to a larger project on "Extrajudicial and judicial conflict resolution" which is funded by LOEWE, Hesse’s program of excellence in research. The ambition is to develop new, innovative approaches to this theme from a historical perspective. The emphasis lies on the emergence of institutionalized forms of dispute settlement in conflicts between individual citizens or between the individual and the public authorities.

One part of the articles will concentrate more on the development of certain institutions in specific territorial areas. These articles are conceived of as some kind of regional survey articles ("Länderforschungsberichte") which document existing research on the subject while critically assessing its conclusions. In the workshop draft articles or first considerations will be presented and discussed.

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