Non-Christians in the Normative Culture of the Catholic Church between Antiquity and the Modern Era: A Select Bibliography

No. 2020-15

The subject of this bibliography is the status of non-Christians in the normative culture of the Catholic Church between Antiquity and the second half of the 20th century. The bibliography lists secondary literature published until 2018. Primary sources are not taken into account. In a first step, the titles have been arranged – after a small general section (I.) – in chronological order by period (II. Late Antiquity, III. Early Middle Ages until the turn of the millennium, IV. Later Middle Ages, V. Early Modern Period and VI. Modern Era). In each of these sections, the entries have been assigned to 14 different thematic categories: 1. General surveys, overarching studies and research resources of relevance to the specific period, 2. Sources and Literature of Canon Law, 3. Individual Authors, 4. The Papacy and the Curia, 5. Councils and Synods, 6. The Church and Secular Powers, 7. The Papal States, 8. The Concept and Legal Status of Non-Christians in General, 9. Baptism, Conversion and Apostasy, 10. Marriage, 11. Various Cultural, Social and Economic Subjects of Regulation, 12. Procedures and Practices, 13. Religious Orders, 14. Individual Countries, Regions and Places.

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