Marietta Auer to become third director — establishment of a new department at the Institute

August 25, 2020

The Institute is pleased to announce that Marietta Auer has accepted the Max Planck Society's offer to become a scientific member and director of the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History. Marietta Auer's appointment means that a further full-fledged department with a focus on legal theory will be established at the Institute, complementing the two existing departments dedicated to ‘European and comparative legal history’ (Department I, S. Vogenauer) and ‘Historical Regimes of Normativity’ (Department II, T. Duve). Marietta Auer is expected to take up her work in Frankfurt September, 1st, 2020.

Marietta Auer (1972) completed both legal examinations at the University of Munich. There she also earned her doctorate in law and was later habilitated — both under the supervision of Claus Wilhelm Canaris. Prof. Auer also had two longer stays at Harvard Law School, where she received her LLM in 2000 and her SJD in 2012. In addition to her legal studies, she has an MA in philosophy and sociology (Munich). After her habilitation in 2012, she received a professorship at the University of Giessen. There she has held the chair for private law and philosophy of law since 2013 and has served as dean since 2016. Her research focuses on private law and legal theory.

The directors, researchers and staff are all pleased about this strengthening of fundamental legal research within the Max Planck Society and the intellectual and institutional growth connected with Marietta Auer's appointment!

Thomas Duve, Stefan Vogenauer

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