Precautionary measures due to the spreading of Covid-19

March 04, 2020

In view of the recent increase of Covid-19 infections within Germany, the Max Planck Society has taken a number of precautionary measures. They will be closely coordinated between the individual institutes and the society’s general administration in Munich. Our aim is to avoid considerable disruptions to ongoing research activities while simultaneously ensuring that we are adequately managing any risks. Unfortunately, this affects some of our planned events. One of the binding measures across the Max Planck Society is that larger events, in particular events that include a significant number of external visitors, are being cancelled up until Easter. We regret that we thus have to defer certain workshops and conferences until further notice. Please check our website and our twitter feed for updates on schedules, events and other measures.

Rest assured that there is a number of exciting gatherings and symposia coming up again in the future. There is a German saying: Aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben – postponed is not abandoned.

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