The 49th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Legal History

December 09, 2019

The Annual Meeting of the American Society for Legal History was held in Boston this year in cooperation with both Harvard and Boston University. Four members of the research project ‘Glocalising Normativities’ were in attendance and either participated in panels or presented individual papers that focused on case studies from African, Asian and Latin American contexts.

Manuel Bastias Saavedra and Luisa Coutinho organised and chaired a panel on 'The Iberian Empires and the Production of Normativities in Asia (1500-1800)'. The panel focused on the institution of marriage in Asia and how Spanish and Portuguese missionaries adapted Catholic norms to integrate and adapt to local norms and practices. Luisa Coutinho’s paper focused on how Japanese marriage was described in both Christian and Japanese sources. Raquel Sirotti organised a panel on 'Criminal Justice and Social Control in Latin America (1870-1930)'. She provided an overview of her PhD research on the criminalisation of political conflicts in Brazil's First Republic, explaining the patterns of legal reasoning used to frame political conflicts as criminal offenses through habeas corpus cases. Mariana Dias Paes participated in one of the pre-conference events, the African Legal History Symposium, where she presented a paper on her current research on ownership and dependency relations in nineteenth-century Angola. The Symposium reflected the growing importance and potential for further development of the field of African Legal History.

In addition to these activities, the Institute’s publications were on display at the book table as well, showcasing the multilingual book series, journals, and paper series.

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