The Seminar of the MPFG intends to offers its participants a series of activities closely related to the research of the group in the fields of history, legal history and other neighbouring disciplines. Particular emphasis will lie on the nature and interpretation of sources connected to the Congregation of the Council and the Roman Dicasteries more broadly. Each meeting will be devoted to a specific topic with regard to which we will invite a guest or prepare a close reading of a text. A short report will be published on our website following each seminar.

The Seminar takes place at the MPIeR every month and is designed especially for the group’s doctoral students. Guests are most welcome and may contact the head of the group, Dr. Benedetta Albani


Alfonso Alibrandi (Université de Paris, MPIeR)
Topic: "The dominion over the interpretation of the law. Preliminary results on the influence of the Congregation of the Council on the legal doctrine and praxis of the XVII century."


Prof. Dr. Tamar Herzog (Harvard University)
Topic: "Governing diversity: A talk with Tamar Herzog"

Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Sinisi (Università degli Studi “Magna Graecia” di Catanzaro)
Topic: "Pro tota iuris decretalium evolutione": the declarationes of the Congregation of the Council and their 16th- and 17th-century collections between prohibitions and diffusion

Prof. Dr. Rafael Ramis Barceló (Universitat de les Illes Balears)
Topic: La enseñanza del Concilio de Trento en las universidades hispánicas (siglos XVI-XVII)


Dr. Stefano Manganaro
Topic: Ecclesiastical and secular patterns of spatial configuration in the European Middle Ages. A heuristic mean to investigate institutional processes in Latin America in the 16th century?

Prof. Dr. Paolo Alvazzi del Frate
Topic: The Interpretatio authentica in the modern and contemporary period

Prof. Dr. Heinz Mohnhaupt (MPIeR)
Topic:  Legislation and Interpretation of the Law in the Early Modern and Modern period


Dr. Benedetta Albani (MPIeR)
Topic: Reforms in the Roman Curia from the Late Middle Ages until present day

S.E.R. Mons. Juan Ignacio Arrieta Ochoa de Chinchetru (Secretary of the Pontificio Consiglio per i Testi Legislativi)
Topic: El Pontificio Consejo para los Textos Legislativos: historia y funciones


Prof. Dr. Giovanni Pizzorusso (Università G. d’Annunzio, Chieti-Pescara)
Topic: Le competenze della Congregazione di Propaganda Fide nell’ambito della Curia Romana e il sistema di governo centrale della Chiesa

Prof. Dr. Bruno Feitler (Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil)
Topic: La aplicación de las normas tridentinas en Brasil


Dr. Francesco Russo (Università Roma Tre)
Topic: Center and Periphery. Connections and Ties between the Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem and the Roman Curia in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century

Dr. Gian Luca D’Errico (Università di Bologna)
Topic: Real censorship of the Theatrum veritatis, et justitiae of Giovanni Battista De Luca: methodology and issues of a research

Prof. Dr. David d’Avray (University College, London)
Topic: Seminar and training session on the Positiones of the Congregation of the Council


Prof. Dr. Simon Ditchfield (York University)
Topic: Tridentine Catholicism

Dr. Francesco Russo (Università Roma Tre) and Dr. Benedetta Albani (MPIeR)
Topic: The archive of the Congregation of the Council. A balance of its reorganization and future research perspectives

Prof. Dr. Aurora López Medina (Universidad de Huelva)
Topic: Praxis de la Sagrada Congregación del Concilio. Continuidades y cambios entre los siglos XVIII y XXI

Prof. Dr. Gunnar Folke Schuppert (WZB, Berlin)
Topic: Governance und Religion

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