Departmental Retreat at Buchenau Castle

October 25, 2019

From 30 September to 2 October 2019 the members of Department I went on their annual retreat. This autumn, their destination was in the Rhön mountains, near the border between the States of Hesse and Thuringia. Buchenau Castle is the latest Renaissance castle in Germany – it was finished just before the Thirty Years’ War broke out in 1618. The retreat was more peaceful, though. Members of the Department presented their research projects, ranging from the 14th to the late 20th century. A number of brainstorming sessions concerned future publication projects in the Research Fields ‘Legal Transfer in the Common Law World’ and ‘Legal History of the European Union’. A hike through the forests surrounding the castle left everyone soaked, but fortunately the local ‘Ritterstube’ defied its usual opening hours to host members of the Department.  

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