New project as part of the Cluster of Excellence 'Beyond Slavery and Freedom'

January 25, 2019

Under the guidance of Mariana Dias Paes, a research group "Law and the Creation of Dependency in the Ibero-Atlantic" is being formed as part of the newly founded cluster of excellence "Beyond Slavery and Freedom".

... The aim of the Cluster is to overcome the established analytical slavery / freedom dichotomy by promoting 'asymmetrical dependency' as a more precise concept for historical analyses of inequalities concerning the distribution of power and resources in different societies. The MPIeR joins the Cluster with Thomas Duve as Principal Investigator and with the Research Group 'Law and the Creation of Dependency in the Ibero-Atlantic', led by Mariana Dias Paes. The Research Group aims to analyse the role of law and normativities in creating and reshaping asymmetrical forms of dependency.

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