JEV-Research Fellowship Holder 2019: Thomas Clausen

December 17, 2018

Thomas Clausen (Trinity College, Cambridge, UK) has been selected to receive this year’s JEV-fellowship for European Administrative History. His doctoral project 'Roland Freisler (1893-1945): an intellectual biography' examines the personal and intellectual career of one of the key figures of the Nazi judiciary. The thesis takes up Freisler's experiences in the First World War, his activities in the Weimar Republic as well as his influential role in the National Socialist dictatorship and his 'afterlife' in the politics of memory in the Federal Republic and the former GDR. Throughout his career, Freisler played various roles that he opportunistically adapted to different audiences: he presented himself as a legal theorist and political ideologue, as a bureaucrat and political activist, and as a judge and stage actor. By examining the relations existing between these roles, the thesis seeks to provide a new perspective on the connection between political violence and the dissolution of the rule of law in theory and practice.

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