2018 Henry Morris Lecture gehalten von Professor Vogenauer

September 28, 2018

On 11 September, Professor Stefan Vogenauer delivered the annual Henry Morris Lecture in International and Comparative Law at Chicago-Kent College of Law. The Morris Lecture was established in 1982 to invite leading scholars from outside the United States to Chicago and speak about legal issues involving comparative law and/or their countries of origin. Previous speakers include Mirjan R Damaška, Catherine Kessedjian, Hein Kötz, Bernard Rudden and Eric Stein.

Professor Vogenauer spoke about ‘English Language Contracts Governed by a Foreign Law’. He explored the frictions that tend to arise between the governing law and the contractual clauses that are drafted against an English law background. Such clauses might generate unforeseen (and sometimes undesirable) results or they are, at best, superfluous. Navigating such contracts requires lawyers to understand that legal language and national contract laws are the products of a particular culture, history and world view

During his stay at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Professor Vogenauer also gave a Faculty workshop on English-language translations of the works of Savigny and taught a comparative law class to JD and LLM students. He also used the opportunity to establish or re-establish contact with legal historians based at Chicago-Kent and Northwestern University.

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