A Text Fragment in the Sea of Orality: Edition of Roffredus’ Beneventanus lecturae

July 31, 2018

Compared to his more famous works (Libelli iuris civilis and canonici, Quaestiones sabbatinae), little is known about the teachings of Roffredus Beneventanus, an early thirteenth century Italian jurist. In the latest volume of our book series Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte, Manlio Bellomo presents the edition of a manuscript, which is currently kept in the Prague National Museum and which contains important parts of Roffredus’ lecturae about the Justinian Codex. The apparatus of glossae recollectae that Bellomo provides to the reader comprises approximately 600 entries and is testimony to the lectures that Roffredus held between about 1220 and 1234 in Naples and later in Rome. Collected and prepared by one (or more) of his students, the gloss apparatus is a valuable »text fragment in the sea of orality«, from which Bellomo also draws conclusions about Roffredus' scientific personality.
In addition to the text edition of the Prague manuscript, the Italian-language volume offers an overview of the state of research in the introduction and concluding registers.

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