Business Law Professorships in the Berlin Republic

April 05, 2018

The institute’s project on jurisprudence in the Berlin Republic (German-language project description) has yielded the latest addition to our research-paper series on SSRN. The authors, Lilly Gerstorfer and Jan Thiessen, have compiled and combed through the source material relating to about 180 university chairs and related institutions classified under commercial law, economic law, corporate law, business law and capital-market law. The result is a comprehensive survey of the academic status of jurisprudence on business and economic law in the Berlin Republic. Information relating to dissertations and chair classifications included in the table complement another article of Thiessen’s on company law in the Berlin Republic that appeared in the last issue of Rechtsgeschichte – Legal History.

As part of the SSRN series, this contribution is categorised under the subsidia et instrumenta subseries, intended for research materials.

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