In Preparation: Rechtsgeschichte – Legal History issue 26 (2018)

February 23, 2018

Although we still have a little over two months until the editorial deadline (1 May), several contributions for the upcoming issue of the Institute’s journal Rechtsgeschichte – Legal History are already being processed by the editorial department. The focus of Rg 26 will be on the topics ‘Plural Normative Histories of Convivencia', ‘The End of Empires’ and ‘Salamanca’, which will be complemented by a Research section as well as a variety of book reviews of recently published works.

Visitors to the journal website will find updated Information for Authors and a new page about Open Access explains the applicable licensing stipulations and copyright regulations.

Rg 26 will appear in September 2018 and will be available—as usual—via Open Access and in print (Klostermann). Please send any suggestions and manuscripts for consideration to:

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