Glossa ordinaria Accursii

A New Publication on the History of Roman Law

October 30, 2017

The most recent volume of the series »Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte« is devoted to the gloss apparatus for the Digestum vetus, which was written by Accursius in the 13th century. Via a complex and comprehensive investigation of manuscripts scattered throughout Europe, the author, Horst Heinrich Jakobs, sheds light on the sources Accursius used, how he applied them and asks about his own contribution as glossator – especially given his dependency upon Hugolinus's gloss apparatus. Was Accursius a plagiarist? What value does his work hold for the history of glosses, and how might his work be of use to us now? Caution and disbelief are, according to the author, of utmost importance when dealing with the Accursian text. Thus, this volume offers not only a very detailed account and interpretation of the selected sources, but it also provides an honest and fair assessment of the works by the Bolognese glossator.

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