Fundamental concepts of Canon Law in the new world – online on SSRN

September 26, 2017

The first two contributions from the research project »Historical Dictionary of Canon Law in Hispanic America and the Philippines. 16th-17th Centuries (DCH) « are now available online in the Institute’s own research paper series. The articles embody the aims of the dictionary project: to provide information about the most fundamental and significant concepts connected with the early modern ecclesiastical law in Hispanic America and the Philippines.

Osvaldo Moutin, MPIeR, investigates in his article the general doctrine and the liturgical practice of sacraments, especially the »sagrada unción« (confirmation) and »extremaunción« (last rites), with a view to the Roman Catholic tradition and its development in Hispanic America. In his article, Alejandro Agüero, a researcher at the Centro de Investigaciones Jurídicas y Sociales UNC/CONICET (Argentina), analyzes the legal institutions »acusaciones« and »inquisiciones«, which first received their definition within Canon Law as well as underwent semantic changes via the application of judicial practices. Both contributions are written in Spanish and contain extensive and detailed source and bibliographic references.

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