»Networks and Connections« at the British Legal History Conference

August 08, 2017

Legal historians from Great Britain and a number of other countries from around the world came together at the British Legal History Conference this past July at the UCL Faculty of Laws to discuss the topic »Networks and Connections« and their influence on the development of law and legal conceptions. The presentations encompassed everything from the Middle Ages up to the 20th century and included such topics as »Early modern jurisprudential exchanges and interactions« to »European connections« to »Personal networks in the British Empire«.

Participants from the MPIeR included Stefan Vogenauer, Victoria Barnes, Donal Coffey, Jean-Philippe Dequen, James Thompson and Nadine Göbel. Donal Coffey presented a paper on »The failure of the plan for a Commonwealth tribunal«, which is part of his research project concerning the legal history of the Commonwealth of Nations in the Inter-War Years. At the MPIeR, this project belongs to the research field »Legal Transfer in the World of Common Law«. Jonathan Rose (emer. Prof. of Law, Arizona State University) also presented a paper at the conference based on his newly published monograph. His presentation focused on »Maintenance and Medieval Literature«, and it addressed several themes dealt with during his subsequent visit to our Institute.

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