Writing Histories: The Legal Institutes of the Max Planck Society

June 28, 2017

On June 9th, we hosted a meeting with the authors of a planned book on the history of legal studies within the Max Planck Society. We were joined by our colleagues from the project on the history of the Max Planck Society post 1945, which is based at the MPI for the history of science in Berlin. Following up from a first meeting in November 2016, the authors presented first draft chapters on the individual law related institutes. It was an opportunity for the authors and project-members to give each other feedback on these drafts and discuss overarching questions. The founding histories of the respective law-related institutes provide invaluable insights into the contemporary science-policies pursued in the young Federal Republic. The chapters also shed light on the question of how fundamental research is conceptualized for legal studies. The publication of the book is planned for 2018.

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