New at the Institute: Andreas Wagner, staff digital humanities

At the Institute since January 1st, 2017

February 20, 2017

Andreas Wagner will be advising and assisting several of the Institute’s research projects when it comes to issues of digital methods and tools.

He will support and consult the Institute’s researchers, working groups, and facilities with regard to the modelling and acquisition of text and data, its interpretation and analysis, as well as presentation and publication. In those instances where such tools are utilised, he is responsible for their implementation as well as—in close collaboration with the researchers—the adaptation and adjustment thereof to the specific needs of the project(s). As a result, new methods can be used, new questions can be considered, and the research process can be rendered transparent and be made available for verification and used in new ways.

Andreas Wagner studied information science in Frankfurt am Main (1994-1999) and has since been working with digital tools, especially in the context of digital humanities since 2013. He was awarded a PhD in philosophy in 2008 here in Frankfurt. Moreover, he has been researching and teaching legal and political philosophy at the Cluster of Excellence "The Formation of Normative Orders" in Frankfurt, at the University of Hamburg, and at the Academy of Sciences and of Literature in Mainz.

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