Michael Stolleis 75 Years

July 20, 2016

Michael Stolleis celebrates his 75th birthday on 20 July 2016. The works he has authored, some of which the Institute published on the occasion of his 70th birthday in the series Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte (»Studies in European Legal History«), vol. 265,1/265,2 (2011), and his influence, which the Institute commemorated in a »non-Festschrift« (Rechtsgeschichte 19, 2011), remain fundamental to the history of public law. Further, they have gained increasing international attention through several translations. His Geschichte des öffentlichen Rechts in Deutschland (»The History of Public Law in Germany«), whose fourth and final volume appeared in 2012, as well as the introductory text Öffentliches Recht in Deutschland (»Public Law in Germany« - 2014) can be read in many languages from Asia to America. His latest book, Margarethe und der Mönch. Rechtsgeschichte in Geschichten (»Margarethe and the Monk: Legal History in Stories« - 2015) beautifully demonstrates the credo he coined in the acceptance speech he delivered for the Pour le mérite order of merit, which he was awarded on 31 May 2015: that legal history is an art form. The Max Planck Institute for European Legal History congratulates its Director of many years!

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